GATE 2013 Result Analysis

Check Your GATE 2013 Result

Now the GATE 2013 Result is available at IIT Bombay official website .

GATE 2013 Qualifying Marks

A candidate is considered qualified if the marks secured is greater than or equal to the qualifying mark mentioned for the category for which a valid Category Certificate, if applicable, is produced along with the original scorecard. GATE 2013 qualifying mark for various branches are as follows.

      UR SC/ST/PD OBC(NCL) Total Appeared
CS. & IT















Electronics & Communication

























GATE 2013




Total Qualified





   12,00,728 candidates registered for GATE 2013 exam.
   9,84,855 candidates appeared for GATE 2013 exam.
   3,45,510 female candidates appeared in GATE 2013 and 28,572        qualified

GATE 2013 Score and Validity

GATE 2013 Scores have been computed by two different formulae, each having a validity period of one year. The Score computed with the old formula, valid till 14 March 2014, should be used to compare with the Scores obtained in GATE 2012, and the Score computed with the new formula, valid till 14 March 2015 must be used to compare with Scores of GATE 2014.

GATE 2013 Score Card

  • GATE 2013 Scorecards will be mailed only to candidates who have marks above the Qualifying Mark for OBC (NCL) category for this paper, and to all qualified SC/ST/PD category candidates.
  • For admission related matters, please consult the specific Institute’s Website.
  • The GATE Office of IIT Bombay is not responsible for MTech admission. Please do not call or email their office regarding admission related queries.

New GATE Score Formula from 2013

Old GATE Formula till 2012


Top Colleges for M-Tech/MS

NITIE (Bombay):

It offers 2 years PG Diploma in Industrial Engineering. It is a management course. It has good campus placements. All the students who have more than 85 percentile are eligible to apply. The admission is purely based on marks secured in the above Group Discussion & Interview to be conducted by it later. Strongly recommended to join. Excellent salary packages.

IISC, Banglore:

Here the M.Tech specializations available for Civil students are Aerospace, Satellite Technology, Structures, Geotechnical, Water Resource Engg. The admission for M.Tech is normally based on GATE score. The top rankers generally opt Aerospace Engg. or Structural Engg. or Satellite Technology depending upon their choice. For these three specializations, the cut-off rank is about 15.

After the above three specializations, the other courses preferred are Geotechnical Engg. & Water Resource Engg. in the order. Generally ranks upto 40 can fetch these specilisations..

For MS course in IISc, the students shall appear for a separate written test (on the Civil Engg. Syllabus) followed by an interview. The number of seats for MS is quite less compared to M.Tech.

IITs Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi & Guwhati:

Admission for M.Tech is based on GATE score and the interview conducted by the IIT. For Structures in IIT, Bombay ,there will be a written test and an interview. For other specializations, only interview is conducted. The interview questions are concentrated mainly on the 1st preference opted for. However, questions from Mathematics etc can also be asked.

If a student possess excellent rank in the GATE, then direct admission will also be given without any interview.

IIT Madras:

Selection is based on GATE score and the interview. The interview panel generally consists of 4 to 5 professors from different specializations. They ask questions from all specializations irrespective of the 1st preference opted . Sometimes, questions are asked only on the first choice.

IIT, Roorkee & Kharagpur :

Generally admissions are given on the basis of GATE score .

IIIT, Hyderabad :

This institute has good placements. Computer aided Structural Engineering and Building Science, are the two specializations available for Civil Engg. students. The Computer Aided Structural Engineering can be preferred. The fee is Rs. 50,000 per semester. Stipend will be given for M.Tech, in the second year only.

The selection is purely based on the performance in a separate written test to be conducted by it all over the Country and interview.

NITs & Other Universities:

Some of these colleges give admissions based on the GATE score and other colleges conduct an interview also.

Civil Engg. students can seek admission in M.Tech Computer Science in REC, Warangal, Anna University(Chennai), Central University(Hyderabad), Osmania University(Hyderabad) etc. Selection is based on the performance in the written test conducted separately by the respective University.

JNTU at Hyderabad (Non GATE M.Tech Programme)

JNTU Hyderabad. conducts a separate entrance test for M.Tech programme. A few scholarships / stipend are available for students who posses relatively good GATE scores. But admission is purely based on the written test to be conducted by it later.

Other University Colleges:

SVU, Tirupathi; JNTU, Ananthapur; JNTU Kakinada; OU, Hyderabad; AU, Vizag, Annamalai University, Visweswara Institute, Banglore, Mysore University, Gulberga University, etc.., In these Colleges admissions are given based on GATE score. All the low score students can apply these colleges.

Private Colleges:

CBIT, Hyderabad – Structures Siddartha, Vijayawada – Structures etc….

These colleges are now offering M.Tech programs. But stipend will be given only to some students. The students with relatively very low GATE scores can apply to these colleges.

Preference order of top IITs and NITs

Preference of IITs :  IIT Delhi / Kanpur / Madras / Bombay / Kharagpur / Roorkee / Guwahati/Bhubhneshwar/Gandhinagar/Hyderabad/Patna/Ropar/Rajasthan/Indore/Mandi.

Preference of NITs :  Trichy / Warangal / Calicut / Suratkal / Allahabad / Hamirpur / Rourkela / Bhopal / Jamshedpur /  Surat / Jaipur / Kurushetra / Durgapur /Nagpur / Patna / Raipur / Jalandhar / Agartala / Silchar / Srinagar.

PSUs accepting GATE score

There are 13 PSU’s which accept GATE score.


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784 thoughts on “GATE 2013 Result Analysis

  1. Sir., i have appeared in gate 2013..My score is 313 and rank is 1626 my branch is Biotechnology.. Is it possible to get admission in NIT?/ if so whr i will get??

  2. sir, my gate marks is 24.67
    score is : 355
    rank is 13077
    category: sc
    stream is: CS
    sir, is there any chances to get an admission in nit’s? Please kindly reply me sir……

  3. sir,
    gate 2013
    branch: EE
    gate score: 257
    category: obc
    AIR: 23685
    is there any chance of getting seat in universities like jntu-hyd, kakinada , Andhra university, SV university……
    waiting for rply….

  4. gate 2013 rank : 1376
    score : 585
    cat : GEN
    branch : CS

    can i get NIT trichy or NIT warangal…???
    Which NIT’s can i get…??

  5. sir
    i appeared for the Aerospace Paper
    Gate 2013 Score : 513
    AIR: 52
    category: GENERAL
    Do i have chances of getting into IITS ?? Specifically IIT Bombay

  6. what choice…??
    I want Nit trichy or warangal. I really don’t care about specialization. Can u tell me which specialization should i choose.

  7. concerning in civil……….. 379 score
    what should be the preference for NITs ?

    should I go for good specialisation or good college?

    Is Hamirpur really ranked that high ?

    please do help…..

  8. Sir i got 46.541 in tancet2013 n im belongs to aerospace dept … Is it possible for me to do aerospace in mit chennai campus? I got gate score 28.33 n im belongs to sc category.. Which score should i use to get admission?

  9. Hi Sir, i appeared for GATE 2013 in Aerospace Branch
    Gate Score : 513
    AIR: 52
    Category: General
    Are there chances of getting into IITs ?? Specifically IIT B ??

  10. Hello Sir, thanks for ur response.. Im Sowmiya.. I got a problem when im applying for CCMT.. can i able to cancel my application and request for a new application sir????

  11. sir,
    gate 2013 branch: EE
    score :255
    cat: OBC
    can i get seat in andhra university, JNTUH, SV university with POWER SYSTEM or POWER ELECTRONICS & DRIVES specialization ??? awaiting for reply sir…

  12. will there be seperate notification for anna university, for the students who did not apply for tancet 2013…, if yes , does other state studets are eligible or not..??

  13. hi
    my gate rank is 30093
    gate score is 227
    my category is SC
    Electrical and electronics
    i badly wanted to do higher studies
    is there any chances of me getting a seat in any NIT??
    please reply admin

  14. My gate 2013 rank is 421, AIR 6682 CS General category, should I get any chance in any NITs or Jadavpur or BESU. Sir Pls. Answer.

  15. Dear Sir
    My GATE 2013 mark is: 19.33, category= ST, AIR rank=35845, I want to do a job as i am a poor boy. Please Help regarding this. If i can not get a job then what should i do..?

  16. sir, my gate marks is 24.67
    score is : 355
    rank is 13077
    category: sc
    stream is: CS
    sir, is there any chances to get an admission in nit’s? Please kindly reply me sir……
    At what nits and specializations can i get an admission sir and which specializations are better sir? Please kindly reply me with detailed manner sir.

  17. Sir,
    I would like to know that I had applied for CCMT counselling for NIITs as cccmt cut off is 360 for general in CS as i got 384 and rank 9742so what are the colleges do i get In Niits?? & do i have chances in getting a seat in NIIT calicut ,Suratakala..or some other NIITS???Suggest me which NIITS do I get? Help me out!!!! Awaiting for your reply

  18. hello sir
    my name is maheshwar
    my gate score is 21.5
    category : SC
    stream :electrical and electronics
    GATE SCORE : 227


  19. hai sir ,
    i am V.Prathibha.
    I am an Electronics And Communication Engineering graduate
    I belongs to SC category.
    I have secured 19.67 marks in GATE 2013(ECE).
    My GATE Score is 236
    My all india rank is 46980
    Where will I get my M.E ADMISSION
    Can u please mention the possibilities of colleges where I can get sir.
    will I get my M.E ADMISSION in any of the following colleges sir
    5)Government college of technology,Coimbatore
    6)Coimbatore institute of technology
    7)sri siva subramaniya nadar college of engineering
    5)Mention the IIT’s where else I can join
    I am confused sir,please mention the name of the above mentioned colleges which will suit my mark through GATE score in your comment sir.
    I have also secured 43.045 marks in TANCET 2013.
    Kindly send me the websites where I am see the availability of seats allocated for every colleges through both GATE and TANCET to my mail id sir . Kindly reply to my mail sir

  20. sir, i got 23.67 in gate 2013. i am belong to general. i got the score card. but my qualifying mark for eee is 25. please tell me is there any use with this score card.

  21. sir my AIR is 800 score 60.33/100,649/1000 i belong to ece branch.I am intrested in doning in cse in iit hyderabad.iit hyderabad had released its first list of cse and i havent got the seat.The OBC cuttoff iit fixed is 707/1000.I want to know whether i will get a seat in iit hyderabad if the institute releases 2nd ,3 rd i have any chances pls reply sir

  22. sir i got gate marks 35,score 392, rank 13898. I am sc candidate. I received interview
    call from IIT roorkee for nanotechnology.what are the chances to get seat in IITR

  23. sir, my gate score is 567 AIR 1633 marks-39.67 . i got a call from IIT roorkee.
    i belong to obc-nc. do i have any chance ?

  24. Sir, My GATE 2013 rank is 712 MECHANICAL, GENERAL Category,

    What are my chances in IIT RORKEE and IIT BHU, thermal?

  25. Sir, Rank 712, MECH, General,
    In which round I will get ROORKEE (no interview) or BHU or HYDERABAD as per your experience?

  26. Sir my branch is-CS
    Category- OBC
    what are my chances in NIT’S or Other Universities.

  27. sir, my gate marks is 24.67
    score is : 355
    rank is 13077
    category: sc
    stream is: CS
    what are the chances to get an admission into top nit’s? please kindly reply me sir.

  28. sir,i belong to obc category and i belong to EEE dept,my cut off mark is 23.17 and i have secured 23.33 and so do i have chances of getting any nit or government colleges

  29. sir,
    i got 395 score in GATE rank is 6447.i belong to obc.can i get seat in andhra university,jntuk,jntuh…

  30. sir my gate score is 341 and got 30 marks in ECE. which college should i apply as i have applied thapar and pu …. is there any chances of getting any type of mtech in these colleges or other

  31. Sir my Gate score is 436 & my AIR is 9608 in ECE. I belongs to Gen Catagory. where should i have to apply for M. Tech

  32. Hello sir,
    my gate rank is 551
    score is 665
    branch is cs

    I hv got counselling call from iit roorkee for 2 deptt-
    1. computer science
    2. Geomatics Engg.
    3. and interview call from Disaster mitigation management deptt.

    what are my chances of getting admission.?

  33. Sir,
    I got 6038 rank (44.33 marks) in ECE in gate 2013. I am belonging to OBC(NC). Can I get admission in nit or dtu ??

  34. sir
    my score is 270
    rank 21105
    branch eee
    cat sc
    is there any possibility of getting seat in jntuh or other universities like au, jntuk etc
    pls give me rply am waiting for your response sir

  35. Goom Afternoon Sir,
    i’m naresh, i secured rank in gate 2013 is 23,685(EEE)
    my gate score: 257
    CASTE: OBC(non creamy)
    I’m interested in power electronics/power systems specialization
    Can i get JNTUH, OU and NIT wgl.

  36. hai sir,
    my GATE AIR is 11340, my score is 370 in CSE.I belongs to OBC category.
    Please give me reply as soon as possible

  37. Hi,
    My Gate 2013 rank was 872 in CS.
    Score was 627.
    Category is OBC.
    Was there any chance into any IITs if i had applied with my score ?

  38. 2013 gate score-430,rank-5630,……… there any chance in IIT KGP………………IS THERE ANY CHANCE GOVT PLACEMENT

  39. how much least score/rank to get a interview call from PSU in computer science in OBC+PD categary . your estimate also can be helpfull.

  40. sir,
    i’m a beginner(in 3rd year).I wanted to know, what’s the minimum requirement for PSU’s recruitment in terms of RANK,GATE SCORE and PERCENTILE.My branch is EE.

  41. Sir,
    I would like to know the approx marks wise ranking pattern in Biotechnology paper if possible…Suppose if somebody gets a marks of 36,,what may be his/her rank??.. I know it varies from year to year still if it is possible I will be highly obliged……

  42. sir i m preparing for gate 2015 in chemical engg branch.
    please tell me how much score is required to get admsn in iit?
    and also as above mentioned some of students wrote their score as 307
    i got confused wht is means by 307 score, as gate is only of just 100 marks then wht’s it? please rpl.

  43. hello sir…i’v appeared in gate 2014…
    if i score upto 60 marks, is there any chance of getting a psu call..
    category: general
    thanx in advance!

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